Author: Anthony Parker

A Healthy Way To Start Your Day

Dear fellow Clintonians – you might be wondering where to find quality breakfast catering services that deliver right here in Clinton- so we decided to look around and see if there is an option that can satisfy your needs.

Des Moines Catering is a company that you should consider for your catering needs. They are based in Des Moines, yet they fully serve our community here in Clinton. So whether your company is looking to give a treat and a head start to their day to their employees and staff, have to organize a corporate event or you are looking for breakfast catering for a special event such as a wedding, read on.breakfast catering

We quickly learned of a great buzz from happy customers who shared their experience with the breakfast catering Des Moines has to offer. The following are some of the details that we gathered from this catering company.

As their food service is completely personalized, they take all key elements, everything into consideration. That includes any concerns about food-related allergies and other dietary requirements such as gluten-free options.

Many of us here in Clinton are becoming more health-conscious and like to make healthier eating choices. That is not a concern for them at all from what we saw- they are used to serving up such a great variety of delicious foods, they can put together for you a menu packed with healthy foods catering for plant-based diets, or low-fat treats that will delight those who try them. Some of the items on their menu include: Wholemeal croissants, poached eggs on toast, low-fat French toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, fruit juices, smoothies, and home-made mueslis with fresh fruit. We were surprised to learn of their great variety of healthy options.

Besides their ample healthy offerings, they still have options for those looking for more conventional breakfast staples such as pancakes covered with maple syrup or muffins with butter on top and packed with berries.

Breakfast catering Des Moines services also offer a great value for money and worry-free delivery of service. They can deliver the breakfast right at your office, home or special event location. For more details on this company, just click the link above.

We hope that you will find this information useful for your breakfast catering needs, and we will continue to keep you informed on new services that are available for our community that we think are worthy of your consideration.

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